For our Every 90 Day and Every 60 Day plan members, you will be able to order after your plan period ends or if you need an exchange within 10 days of receiving your new pair.

For our On-Demand plan members, you can order whenever you need a new pair! Whether they’ve grown out of them, wore them out or destroyed them on an epic adventure, EasyKicks allows you the power to order at a pace that makes sense to you and your family.

Once you receive your second pair, you must return your first pair of kicks using their Linked EasyKicks prepaid return bag that was included with that order. As soon as we receive a notification from our mail carriers that your return bag is in the mail (approximately 24-48 hours, if USPS drop-off 24-72 hours), you will be able to place your next order.  

Each plan also allows you to keep your shoes after a certain time, click here to learn more.

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