We know that accidents can and will happen, especially when our little ones are involved. Because of this, EasyKicks makes it easy to return your shoes!

What to do if a pair is damaged or too dirty:

On-Demand Plan:

If the shoes are dirty or damaged in any way for any reason and you are ready for a new order, please feel free to place your next order and return the old pair at your convenience. We will recycle the returned pair into Nike Grind, material used to make playgrounds and track fields.

60 & 90 Day Plans:

Normal wear and tear will happen.  If you are finding that you need a replacement pair before you are able to place a new order, it might be time to upgrade!

If you believe the pair you received is flawed or defective, please contact us.

What to do if a pair is lost:

If your little one loses a pair, don't worry, we are here to help!  Please follow the guidelines below for your current plan:

On-Demand Plan:

Since you are allowed unlimited swaps with your plan, no worries - simply order a new pair when you are ready!  Then, please contact us to let us know.

60 & 90 Day Plans:

If a shoe or a pair of shoes happens to come up missing and you have reached the time period for a new order, you can order a new pair at your convenience.

Otherwise, if you need a new pair and are unable to order please, contact us.

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