We only ship new shoes and take the integrity of the products we offer very seriously, and so do our partners. If you feel the shoes you currently possess have a flaw, please contact us. 

We also know kids can be hard on their shoes and accidents can happen. If you’re finding that you need to order shoes more often or that your little one is harder on shoes than you expected, it may be time for a plan upgrade!

As part of our $30 On-Demand Plan you have access to order and swap shoes whenever you need with no limitations. All you need to do is place your next order and use the included prepaid return bag to return your old pair.

We never want your little one to be without shoes, so we don't require you to return your first pair until after you receive your new pair. If you have only had your shoes for a short time or just received your shoes and notice a flaw, please Contact Us.

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