For members that have supported us from the start, we are honored to continue to offer you the original EasyKicks plan rate for any subscription active at the time when we transitioned to our new plans: Every 60 day, Every 90 day, and $30 On-Demand. Legacy members include all subscriptions initiated on or before June 17th, 2018.

All Legacy members were sent correspondence about this change via mail and email. 

Here are the details about how your EasyKicks Legacy Plan works:

  • $20 per month, with the ability to order again as often as needed. 
  • You can have one pair out at all times, with a second pair on reserve to swap when needed. 
  • If you hold onto your one pair for 90 days or longer, it is yours forever! 

Important details about this special rate:

  • We no longer support the ability for two pairs to be out for longer than 10 days. After receiving your new pair, you must return the used pair using the prepaid return bag within 10 days of receiving your new order. If the shoes are not returned within 10 days, a suspension of service may occur and a charge for the MSRP of the shoe minus any subscription fee applied to your payment method.
  • We cannot offer the Legacy plan rate for any new subscriptions. 
  • The child using the subscription cannot be changed. If you wish to sign up a new child, please select one of our new plans: Every 90 day, Every 60 day & $30 On-demand.
  • Cancellation of a Legacy Plan is final. We cannot reactive this subscription, but you can choose one of the new plans available. 

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel Legacy plans at our discretion and for abuse of any of the above policies. 

If you have any questions about your Legacy plan, please contact us

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