If you order a size that does not fit, you can easily exchange the order for the right size! Check out below to learn more.

Keep in Mind: Exchanges are only available within 7 days of delivery.

 To start your exchange:

  1. Start by locating the order to be exchanged in your Order History and click 'View order details'  

2. Begin your exchange by selecting, 'Size or Style Exchange?'.

3. Now, select why you are exchanging, 'I ordered the wrong shoe size' or if you're just swapping select, 'I want a different shoe, style or color'.

4. Next make sure to select if you have a bag or not to continue. If you do have the linked return bag, please locate the order number that is on the, 'name sticker,' on the return bag and enter it. This is the order number you received in your email confirmation and it's shown in your Order History.

If you do not have the linked return bag, we'll give you a quick link to reach out to our Member Experience Team so we can send a bag or label to complete your return!

👟 Now the fun part, pick out fresh new kicks!

  1. To select your replacement order, head to the Kicks Page and place your exchange order in the correct size or style!
  2. Next, send back the old pair with their linked return bag right away to ensure the exchange is successful. As soon as it's scanned by FedEx we'll see it's on the way back and your new pair will be on the way!

📌NOTICE: Please keep in mind that exchange orders will automatically cancel if the original pair is not in transit back to us within 3-5 days. 

We also suggest using FedEx as it's the most reliable option for EasyKicks Exchanges — their tracking system syncs well with ours. If you do experience any delays when sending exchanges back through your own mailbox, a USPS blue box or the post office, just reach out! 

Our Member Experience Team is available in chat Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Pacific time, for more details on how to contact us, click here.

If your exchange order cancels, here is what to do:

  • If your exchange order cancels because the original pair is not yet returned, contact us.

👉Keep in Mind with all exchanges…

The old pair you are exchanging MUST be returned using the linked prepaid return bag, WITHIN 3-5 days of requesting your exchange.If not your exchange order will be cancelled and you'll need to reach out to our team for additional assistance.

If you find the new product you received isn't what you wanted you can send back the replacement order you received, just reach out and let us know by contacting us.

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