EasyKicks is here to make your life easier and we have options to fit every family's needs!

Currently there are three available plans:

90 day

This 90 day plan is the best fit for playful kids who grow fast.

The 90 day plan is $20 per month and allows you to order new shoes after 90 days.  Each pair you order is yours to keep after 90 days - simply choose a new pair!

60 day

The 60 day plan is a great fit for active kids who wreck shoes.

With this plan, you can order new shoes every 60 days for $30 per month. After 60 days, the shoes are yours to keep and you don't need to return them!

30 day

The 30 day plan is for adventurous kids who need more than one pair of kicks.

For $50 per month, you can get a new pair of kicks every 30 days - each pair is yours to keep!

With all of our plans, you get free shipping, exchanges within 7 days, and inspiration for adventures in every box!

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