If you are finding that you are needing shoes sooner than you anticipated, it may be time for a plan upgrade! 

You can upgrade your account in 4 easy steps!  

Step 1: Log onto account, go to child’s profile and click “Upgrade”

Step 2: You will see current plan information and the upgrade options where you can select which plan you'd like to upgrade to.

Step 3: Once the upgrade plan is chosen you will be brought to a summary page.

Any prorations will be added to your next billing date
 - 90 Day Upgrading to On-Demand - $10
 - 60 Day Upgrading to On-Demand - $5
 - 90 Day Upgrading to 60 Day - $5

Step 4: Complete the Upgrade and process is finished!

  • The swap date in the child's profile and order history will be adjusted

If you are needing to downgrade your plan, please contact us!

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