1. To reset your password, simply navigate to the sign in page and click the I forgot my password link.

2. Enter your email address to receive a reset password link.

3. Go to your email from, customerservice@easykicks.com, to process the Password Reset Request.

4. Click the link provided in the email to proceed to the Password reset tool. 

5. Enter the new Password you’d like to use when logging into EasyKicks and your Password will be successfully changed!

Note: Always keep your Password Secure by changing it often and using unique characters, numbers or symbols. We also suggest that you do not share it with others.

At times these emails get sent to spam folders or get categorized as promotional emails. If you have clicked the, "forgot password," button and checked all of these folders for the email, please let our team know by chatting in or emailing us, and we can reset your password manually on our end!

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