Please note: each pair of kicks is yours to keep! You never need to return your pairs to order a new one, simply wait until the plan period is up. If you need to place an exchange, please click here.

Each pair of EasyKicks arrives with a return bag. The return bag is directly linked to the pair with which it is delivered. We ask you return each pair of EasyKicks separately, and in the bag that arrived with that pair. This ensures that our system works the way it is intended. Remember - you only need to return if you have an On-Demand plan, or are doing an exchange. 

If you have multiple subscriptions, we ask that you return only one pair per bag, using the correct bag for that child. 

To prevent issues with your returns, avoid doing the following:

  1. Sending multiple pairs of EasyKicks in the same return bag.
  2. Send shoes to recycle with no EasyKicks in the bag. While we are happy to help you recycle used shoes of any kind, if EasyKicks are not included, it will cause your returns to incorrectly update. 

If you do accidentally send EasyKicks in the wrong return bag or have any issues being unable to order after returning EasyKicks, please Contact Us for help.

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