Once you subscribe and place your first order on EasyKicks, you are eligible for the EasyKicks referral program!

Current Referral Reward Offering:

One Free Month of EasyKicks

(Equal to your currently active, highest value plan)

Get one free month of EasyKicks each time a friend or family member uses your unique referral link to sign up for a new EasyKicks subscription!

To get started referring friends and collecting rewards you’ll need to copy your unique link from the ‘Referrals’ page within your EasyKicks account. You can access that page by navigating to ‘Account’ and finding the ‘Referrals’ link within the ‘Membership’ section (or by clicking here).

Use your link to share and invite friends! Copy and paste it to your favorite social media site, messaging app, or email. When a friend clicks your link and proceeds to create a subscription on EasyKicks, you will earn the referral reward above. In order to be eligible for a reward, your friend must sign up and create a paid subscription to EasyKicks using your link. Please allow up to 30 days for the credit to be applied to your account.

Please note that each new member sign up qualifies you for one month of one membership free (equal to your currently active, highest valued plan). If you are issued a free month reward, and have multiple subscriptions, you will still be billed for the additional members.

As referrals are only for new account holders, we are unable to honor referrals for the below reasons:

●      Same shipping or billing address as the referrer

●      Same credit card information as an existing account holder

●      Referred member was previously enrolled in EasyKicks

Referral rewards are issued at EasyKicks discretion and can be denied for any reason, including abuse. Please see our
Terms of Use for more details about the referral policy.


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