If your credit or debit card expires, you can easily update it within your account following the instructions below:

  1. After logging into EasyKicks click on "Account" located in the top right. 

2. From here click on "Shipping and Billing" located on the left. 

3. On the next page, you will be able to update your credit card expiration date. Once updated click on "Save" located at the bottom of the screen. 

If your credit card expires this will prevent your monthly subscription fee from billing on time. We will notify you if your monthly fee is unsuccessful. If your monthly bill is past due because of a change in billing information, updating your card number, expiration date or billing address will allow us to charge you. 

*Note: Adding a new credit card will result in a $1 authorization hold on your account. This is done to ensure the card you are entering is open and in good standing. We will not be collecting these funds which will be released back into your account within a few business days.*

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