EasyKicks is here to make your life easier and we have options to fit every family's needs!

Currently there are three different plans:

Every 90 days

This plan is the best fit for kids who swap out shoes only every few months.

The Every 90 day plan is $20 per month and allows you to order new shoes after 90 days.  Each pair you order is yours to keep after 90 days and you don't need to return them!

Every 60 days

The Every 60 day plan is a great fit for kids who need new shoes every couple of months.

With this plan, you can order new shoes after 60 days for $25 per month - this plan offers the best value for new orders.  After 60 days, the shoes are yours to keep and you don't need to return them!


The On-Demand plan is for those kids who need new shoes more often!  Kids grow fast and wreck shoes.

For $30 per month, you can have one pair of shoes out at a time, with one pair in reserve to order whenever you need them. If you can hang on to them for 45 days then they become yours to keep forever! 

If your little one gets them too dirty, outgrows them or otherwise, destroys them before the 45 days is up, then you have the option to just order a new pair! When your new pair arrives just use the prepaid return bag included with your old order to return them. Click here to learn more about our returns process.

More info here about how to keep your shoes!

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